Is There Space for Sonic in Today's eSports Scene?
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The Sonic the Hedgehog series has been around for several decades - the eponymous blue character has been reminding us that he has "gotta go fast" since 1991, with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive. With platforming sequels, Sega made Sonic one of the most famous video game characters, right next to Mario, Donkey Kong and Link, says TIME.

However, Sega has had difficulty in keeping Sonic popular in the 21st century. A shift to online multiplayer gameplay as well as highly competitive games and eSports have left people wondering if there is room for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic Isn't Like Most Popular eSports Games

The big reason why Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't quite fit in the eSports scene is that it isn't like most popular eSports games. The biggest titles in eSports, looking at the availability of eSports betting odds on Betway, are games like League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota 2. The games eSports fans enjoy watching and betting on are ones with large casts of characters and with players having to master the abilities of those characters to win. These games are also played in teams, while Sonic is mostly a single-player franchise.

Games that are popular in eSports are also updated regularly. League of Legends was released in 2009 but with updates, as developer Riot Games has added new characters, new skins, and new items for players to use when they're out on the Rift. Overwatch has also added new maps, and Rainbow Six Siege has added new operators in 2019. Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog DLC in 2017 but it isn't so important to the franchise and that means that if the games were an eSports, they wouldn't be able to offer viewers much variety.

Does Sonic Have Any eSports Strengths?

Sonic the Hedgehog does have some strengths as an eSport, however. Sega's level design is brilliant and fans love stages such as the Sky Chase Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the Emerald Hill zone with its tropical fauna and flora, its sloping hills and its dangerous spikes. The many maps of games like Overwatch have helped that game become a success as players discuss the best strategy for a level, and enjoy watching eSports players explore the stages.

Sonic also has a competitive scene. It may not be eSports, but Sonic the Hedgehog players do often try to beat each other and set new records. An article by Mashable explains that there is a large Sonic the Hedgehog speedrunning scene as players compete to try and beat a level in the quickest time. Thousands watch these speedrunners on Twitch and at tournaments. This confirms that fans do enjoy watching competitive Sonic, but on a much smaller scale than most major eSports tournaments.

Could Sega Turn Make Other Sonic Games Successful eSports?

If Sega was to turn the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise into a successful eSports, then it probably wouldn't do that with the Sonic platforming games. The games are famous and loved by millions of people, but they aren't great for eSports. Most are single player and for speedrunning events, where competitors may use the same techniques to get through a level quicker, that may not be entertaining for viewers on an eSports stage.

There are several Sonic the Hedgehog games that aren't platformers, though, and these may be good for eSports. The BBC says that Sega is developing four games that take Sonic the Hedgehog to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and this competition would make for an entertaining eSports league. There's also the Sonic Mania racing game which stars Sonic and friends like Tails and Knuckles. People enjoy watching and betting on races, such as horse racing and Formula One, so there may be room for a Sonic eSports league too.

Sega hasn't made any announcements about if or how it plans to get Sonic the Hedgehog into the eSports scene. However, if it did, it could help the series to make a name in the 21st century and potentially find a new audience of competitive gamers and eSports viewers.
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Sonic Mania is Free to Play This June in PS Plus
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Author: Mario Petkovski

If you are eagerly waiting for new PS4 releases, like the upcoming Crash Racing game remastered, Madden NFL 2020 or the Hideo Kojima blast Death Stranding, Sony got you covered to ease the waiting time. From 4th of June, Borderlands 1 and 2 and Sonic Mania are available for free, for all PS Plus users!

It seems like Sonic is on a role this year with the release of the new game Sonic Team Racing and the movie that is in developing Sonic The Hedgehog. Just to put a little more excitement for the Sumo Digital's character, as we mentioned, Sonic Mania is free to play this June in PlayStation Plus.

You can experience the game celebrating the past and the future in Sonic Mania with its all-new 2D Sonic adventure running at 60FPS infused with HD retro-style graphics. You can play multiple characters like the explosively fast Sonic, Tails, or even power through obstacles with Knuckles.

This retro game will act as a drive through memory lane, with an exciting new twist on classic zones, while fighting against new bosses, as well as Dr. Eggman's evil robot army. You can also go head-to-head with players in Competition Mode or enjoy the game in Co-Op Mode with a friend.

Sonic Mania is a great game that will bring on the fun and excitement to you and your friends. It also passed all the reviews with a great score topping up 8.7/10 in IGN.

As we mentioned earlier, this year is a big year for Sonic with the new Team Sonic Racing game that was released on May 21st. Team Sonic Racing is published by Sega and developed by Sumo Digital for the ultimate racing game. The lunch price for this game is $40 is it sparked a fire in Sonic's fans.

The game is designed with Sonic Adventure Mode, which is a single-player component of Team Sonic Racing. In the adventure mode, you can choose between standard races or quickly car mini-games to progress through the story. Mini-games prove to be fun as they have things like a drift through objects, blow up robots which are a test for the mechanics of the game.

The story mode is under six hours long and somehow it does not encourages replayability just because even when you choose a different character, the story mode stays the same. There are even no significant rewards at the end of the races.

However, the good thing is that the story mode somehow manages to infuse more personality into each of Sonic's friends and get to know them a little bit better. Team Sonic Racing has a lot of the tracks from the first Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, which is a good thing bringing some nostalgia to the trip. The mechanics of the racing feel different from the last two Sumo Digital's racing games. Cars are definitely heavier and seem like they are slower across the track.

The structure of the races is changed as well, there are teams of three and with the racers, you can exchange items as well as riding each other slipstreams for a speed boost. This brings a lot of excitement and unpredictability to the race which is always a good thing.

The new Sonic kart racing game will bring you lots of fun with an ingenious team-based twist as well as interesting adventure single-player mode.

Also, as we mentioned above this year marked the announcement of the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie. It received a lot of attention just because the main character Sonic is not what people expected to be. The internet went mad after they released the initial trailer and fans were disappointed by the looks of Sonic.

After the reactions of the public, they announced that Sonic will have a new look in time for the premiere of the movie. Despite the weird design of Sonic, the movie looks quite interesting and it is set to be released in February next year.

This is truly an interesting time for any Sonic fan, there are a lot of new things to enjoy. Make sure you download the Sonic Mania game this June if you have PlayStation Plus active membership and compete with people from all around the world.
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Sonic Needs to Embrace its Casino Heritage to Excel in the Modern Age
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Ever since the Casino Night Zone appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 1992, the blue-haired hero from Sega has had strong links to gambling. The special level was so popular that it appeared in numerous other titles in the series, and this has led to other Sonic gambling games coming about. Sonic is looking to regain the popularity it had in the 1990s, but it must adapt in order to appeal to modern audiences. One way to do this is to follow the commonly used franchise model of branching out into the online casino industry in order to attract more players.

There is no denying that there is still a huge market for Sonic games. A lot of players seek nostalgia, while others simply love the character and series. However, if the latest games are to become as massive as those which preceded them, Sega may need to expand the franchise in other ways. One of the main marketing strategies for a lot of modern franchises is to spread out onto as many platforms as possible.

The online casino industry has proven a fruitful place for franchises to gain more attention. This is because this sector of the gaming industry is thriving, and rakes in over $45 billion each year. Game series gain more attention by getting into the iGaming scene, and this has been seen with major franchises like Tomb Raider and Hitman.

Sonic has a long history with casino games, one which Sega could use to its advantage. With there already being existing Sonic slot games for mobile, it would make sense to create offerings which can be played by online casino players as well. Sega Slots came out on iOS and Android in 2018, and the game was similar to the modern slot games found at online casinos in design and gameplay.

Sega Slots is a five-reel offering, which is the same format as the slots at Aspers Casino. These include titles like Reel King and Lord of the Ocean, and players who enjoy these types of game can make use of the Aspers welcome offer, which is a 100 percent deposit bonus up to £500. If Sonic slots were made available at sites like this, it would bring the series to the attention of more players who would then seek the other games out.

The Sonic the Hedgehog film from Paramount Pictures is on the horizon, and set to be released in November this year. The Jeff Fowler-directed offering could reinvigorate the Sonic franchise, but only if it attracts enough viewers. Sega should follow in the footsteps of other successful series such as Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Jurassic World, and use the online casino industry as a way of attracting mass audiences to other areas of the franchise. Because Sonic has a long history with casino themes, it isn’t out of the question for the blue-haired hero to be represented in the prosperous iGaming industry.
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A brief history of Sonic racing games
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Sonic is a character that seems like he'd fit the racing genre of video games like a glove. And the truth is that the upcoming Team Sonic Racing is merely the latest in a long line of Sonic racing games that span almost his entire career. Some stick to the traditional karts, others have kept Sonic and co purely on foot, while the rest have taken to the likes of hover boards and even transforming vehicles! And indeed, the Sonic universe is full of great locations pre-built and ready to host great racing tracks, including lush green hills, nefarious factories and casino cityscapes filled with slots. So while we get excited about the latest installment, lets look back at how the blue blur has tackled the genre in the past..

Sonic Drift Series

Sonic's first foray into racing came to the Game Gear in 1994, with the Japanese only release of Sonic Drift. Sega's answer to Mario Kart featured characters Sonic, Tails, Eggman and Amy Rose racing karts around tracks inspired by the zones found in Sonic 1. Given the limitations of the hardware, Mode 7 scaling could not be used of course, and the resulting tracks felt rather bland and inferior to Nintendo's counterpart. The game was followed by a sequel the following year - this time released worldwide - Sonic Drift 2 (or just Sonic Drift Racing in Europe). This added long time favourite characters Knuckles and Metal Sonic plus the rarely seen Fang the Sniper. Unfortunately it fared little better with reviewers, who complained of the game's handling.

Sonic R

During the long gap between Sonic Team's Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure, British company Traveller's Tales were asked to fill the void during the late nineties with spinoff Sonic games such as Sonic 3D and this on-foot racing game for the Sega Saturn, which released in late 1997. Sonic R, one of the first fully 3D polygonal Sonic games, features 5 initial characters and 5 courses. While this was minimal compared to most rival mascot racers at the time, it's worth noting that these courses were huge - brimming with multiple routes, shortcuts and secret rooms in which various collectables were hidden, and used for unlocking more characters, which gradually replaced the core lineup as more challenging AI opponents. The handling could be argued as a little awkward, but those who truly "got" this game enjoyed some great replay value thanks to collectables and a variety of time attack modes. It's also perhaps best known for its cheesy sound track. "Can you Feel the Sunshine", anyone?

Sonic Riders Series

In the following decade, Sonic Team themselves would have a stab at the racing genre with Sonic Riders in 2006 (GameCube, XBox and PS2), which was followed by Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity in 2008 (PS2 and Wii) and 2010's Sonic Free Riders for the XBox 360 Kinect. These games featured Sonic and friends taking to hover boards in order to thwart a band of miscreants called the Bablyon Rogues. There are some nicely designed courses on offer that employ variety and specific challenges depending on the type of character you have chosen (speed, flight or power). The hoverboard aspect encouraged the developers of the first game to think of various mechanics to mix up the racing action a little, but these largely served to complicate gameplay and make it much less of a pick-up-and-play experience. The sequel dropped these in favour of an entirely new set of complicated features that failed to turn heads. The series was completed by the motion-controlled Sonic Free Riders, which asked players to twist and bend their bodies in real time with the characters to navigate around the tracks. This wasn't an entirely reliable form of control however and again the game failed to hit that core casual market by offering an easy-to-use experience.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Series

Arguably the most successful attempts to date were the efforts from arcade racing experts Sumo Digital, first with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing in 2010 for XBox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and mobile. While strictly more of a Sega racing game, the Sonic series is still by far the most prominently featured, but the characters also race alongside heroes from the likes of Chu-Chu Rocket, Super Monkeyball, Billy Hatcher, Space Channel 5 and even Shenmue. This time it's pure, simple, accessible racing with no unnecessary gimmicks and a great handling system. Players race across tracks inspired by the various games, including several from Sonic Heroes. The popular sequel, 2012's Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed does one better by allowing the vehicles to automatically transform between car, boat and aircraft when the situation calls. This leads to some genius track design that often changes from lap to lap. Add to that even more classic Sega IP such as After Burner, Golden Axe and Panzer Dragoon, and more courses inspired by Sonic levels such as Starlight Carnival from Sonic Colours and even Sky Sanctuary from Sonic & Knuckles, and you're looking at one of the best mascot racers ever made!

Team Sonic Racing

Also handled by Sumo Digital, this upcoming racer (for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC) uses the same engine as the All-Stars games, but differs in that it only concerns the Sonic series and adds an exciting new team-based mechanic to make racing a more co-operative experience. Players will be able to form a team of three to race across new tracks inspired by the Sonic universe, but coming in first place will not necessarily get your team the win. Victors are determined by a points system that also takes other factors into account such as rings collected and average position across the finish line, so you'll need to think much more tactically. Those desperate for a more co-op nature to racing games should be very excited! Originally due in 2018, the game has been delayed to May 2019 to ensure top quality, which should only be good news! Let's find out next month if it can match the dizzying heights of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and claim the title of best Sonic racing game ever!

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How to get Wii games
Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 1:33pm (UTC), 0 Comments

When the Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 is made a splash in the global video game market. Its futuristic design, remote controller, and new games were truly revolutionary. (The first suggested name for Wii was 'Revolution'). Moreover, what we particularly liked about Nintendo's Wii was its ability to run not only disc-based titles, but also a good many retro games and download-only small games. Through the Wii Shop Channel we could download WiiWare, the games designed for the Wii, and Virtual Console content, emulated games released for the Wii's predecessors. Unfortunately, presently, we're unable to download Wii games the way we did before.

Some fans of the Wii will be displeased to know that the Wii Shop Channel was discontinued at the beginning of 2019. It's no longer possible to earn points and exchange them for rewards. (Hope you had succeeded to download the purchased content from the Shop!) Moreover, it's also impossible to download WiiWare and Virtual Console games anymore. Now lots of Wii fans try to figure out the best possible ways of obtaining new games after the Wii Shop Channel being shut down. We bet you also were planning on downloading plenty more Wii games to play on your favorite console but now feel empty-handed. No need to get upset! There's an excellent way to land more cool games for your Wii without using the Wii Shop Channel.

Installing a Wii Emulator

If you player Virtual Console game from the Wii Shop Channel you're familiar with emulation. Emulation is what helps you play games designed for past consoles. Emulators, in their turn, enable you to run your favorite console games on a computer or any other device such as a tablet PC or a smartphone. Among the most popular PC emulators for Wii are Dolphin, SuperGCube, and Dolwin. Currently, the Dolphin emulator is considered to be the most stable tool for emulating Wii games. Of course, you may try searching the Internet for other suitable options. Still, it's highly probable that the emulator you'll find won't be able to run quite demanding Wii titles smoothly. Therefore, we recommend that you use Dolphin to emulate Wii on your computer.

Getting Games for a Wii Emulator

If you don't own a physical Wii console but like playing Wii games, you're probably using a nice emulator to run favorite titles on your PC. Still the only problem you've confronted is the lack of nice games or ROMs for your Wii emulator. You can solve this problem easily by visiting RomsMode, the online resource boasting a vast collection of ROMs for your favorite game.
On the website, select the video game console whose games you're looking for.

Once you access the "Nintendo Wii" section, you'll see all the games available for download.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Wii Sports Resort, and lots of other popular Wii games are waiting to be downloaded! You're free to download as many ROMs as you want. Just click on the preferred ROM file and hit the "Download" button.

Once the download is complete, you can proceed to installing the new games on your computer. In the majority of cases, games intended for emulators come in compressed formats. So, make sure to decompress the obtained files after downloading it. You can do it by means of any unarchiver at hand. After decompression, extract the files into a "ROMs" folder.

Once you are done with installing your ROMs, fire up the Wii emulator and choose the game you want to play. Now you see that you can download and play the best Wii games notwithstanding the fact that the Wii Shop Channel has been shut down.

Enjoy your game!
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What are the Best Anime Online Slots Games?
Thursday, 17th January 2019, 9:40pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Anime is a popular genre when it comes to online slot games and there are hundreds of titles that feature this Japanese cartoon theme. A number of leading online casinos provide access to video slots with an anime theme. These online casino games offer great betting options and have innovative bonus rounds that can lead to larger wins. Some great anime slots can be found at top rated sites, where players can enjoy free and real money versions of the game. Here, we take a look at some of the best anime slots that are being featured at online casino sites.

Magical Stacks

This is an anime slot from Playtech and it offers a five reel layout with 20 paylines. The game makes use of traditional slot icons like bars, bells, and cherries. The wild in the game is the Wild Party Girls and players are free to bet between $0.01 and $100 per spin. The highlight of this anime slot is the free games round where wins can be multiplied by the use of a Dynamic Multiplier. During the bonus round, added Magical Stack icons are added, so there are even more chances to generate payouts.

Fortune Girl

This is a great themed game at Microgaming casino sites and it offers an Oriental theme. The game presents 5 paylines with a range of betting options. Players will have the chance to win a bonus round that offers 14 free spins and there is also a Mystery Symbol feature for more payouts. Scatter wins with this game can be as high as 1200x the bet amount, so Fortune Girl is one of the top paying anime games from Microgaming.


This is a thrilling game from Play N Go and it is played on five reels with 25 paylines. The game offers a superb free spin round and great themed graphics. The Arian Anime slot comes with oriental themed icons and is a medium volatility game. Players can bet between $0.25 and $100 per spin. The free games bonus round is triggered with three Mask symbols and added masks can appear, adding extra spins to the bonus round.

Koi Princess

This is one of the most popular anime slots from Net Entertainment and it is played on five reels. Payers will be able to bet on 20 paylines and will benefit from easy to recognize symbols. The highest paying icons in the game are Japanese artifacts and the Koi Princes icon will act as the scatter, paying up to 400 coins for five on a payline. There are four random features that can be triggered on the game, so there are tons of bonus opportunities and many ways to boost overall payouts when betting real money on the game. Koi Princess can be found at almost every operating NetEnt casino online.

Ghost in the Shell

This is an anime slot game developed by 888 and it is based on the popular Anime series. The game offers five reels, but there are just 9 paylines, making it an affordable option for any gambler. With this game, there is the chance to win a progressive jackpot and bets can be placed starting at just $0.05 per payline. This slot features two wild symbols, one of which will multiply wins by 3x. There is also a Pick Me bonus round as well as a standard free spin bonus. This exciting game is one of the higher paying anime themed slot games found at online casinos.
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