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Special Stage
If you complete either Act 1 or 2 in any Zone (apart from Scrap Brain for some reason) with at least 50 rings in your possession, you'll notice a giant ring hanging in the air near the end-of-act signpost. Jump into it, and you'll teleport to the alternate dimension where the six Chaos Emeralds are hidden; The Special Stage. Sonic 1's is the only Special Stage of all the games to not be in 3D. Rather, it's based in a 2D maze that is continuously rotating around you, and made up of solid coloured blocks and other items. Sonic is forever spinning through it as a ball, bouncing off of the objects, but you have some control over his directions, and can jump off of certain things. The aim is to carefully make your way through while it rotates, and locate the Chaos Emerald. There are six different mazes to complete, each containing one emerald. Every time you enter the Special Stage, you'll play only one of these mazes, which ends when you either grab the emerald, or fall into one of the "goal" blocks, which sends you back to resume regular play without it, and therefore must be avoided.
Hop right in to a huge ring, only found at the end of Acts 1 or 2 when completed with 50 rings, to gain access to the Special Stages.
Here's what the Special Stage looks like. A constantly rotating maze of blocks to try and roll through and grab the Chaos Emerald.
The emerald will always be held behind walls of these blocks, which change colour and eventually disappear, the more contact you make with them. Gradually break through to get the jewel.
Square coloured blocks make up the walls of the maze, and rings are everywhere. Only in the Special Stage can you collect 50 rings to earn yourself a continue, which, for the rest of the game, will allow you to resume play with three fresh new lives after you get a game over (one fresh set per continue, that is). The Chaos Emerald is surrounded by smaller coloured blocks which are protecting it from you, and you need to touch them a certain amount of times in order for them to disappear out of your way. They change colour on every touch going from blue to green, yellow, purple, and then disappearing, so try and stay connected to them as the maze slowly spins. They start at different colours, so some will need less touching than others.
Rows of the circular "goal" blocks are located at dead ends in the maze, so be aware of them when you decide to head down a corridor, because the stage is over when you touch them. The star bumpers from Spring Yard Zone make an appearance to bounce you around a bit, though they don't give you any points here, and you'll also find red and white circles labelled "up" or "down". Touch these to increase or decrease the speed at which the maze rotates, while touching the circles labelled with an "R" reverses the direction at which the maze is rotating. Finally, the blank red and white spheres are just there to support you, offering you something to jump off of when you land on them. When you find a line of them that are dull coloured, they will allow you to pass through them, but then become solid as soon as you're on the other side, usually used to lock you safely inside the room with the emerald.
Don't be fooled by their names, as these goal things found at dead ends will send you back to the regular game, without an emerald. They're no goal of yours - avoid!
Bumpers like in Spring Yard will bounce you away from them.
Touching this circle increases the speed at which the maze rotates.
This one will decrease the speed of rotation.
This is a simple circle object that you can use to gain some purchase in this crazy place, and jump from.
The R reverses the direction at which the maze is rotating.
The stage looks pretty wacky, with a dark blue background and a pattern of green birds and clouds, which periodically morphs into a pattern of turquoise fish and bubbles. Complete all six mazes by nabbing the emeralds, and then beat all the stages and final boss to complete the game "properly".
On your first entry into the Special Stage, you'll start out in the first maze. On your second, you'll move on to the second maze, regardless of whether or not you obtained the emerald in the first one, and so on. After you've gone through all six, the sequence will repeat again, but you'll only do the mazes you weren't able to complete the first time around, and skip the ones that you were successful on. Here's a brief rundown of all six mazes...
The Blue Emerald Stage 1
A simple one to start with. There's a twisting corridor, and then you'll come to three different paths. The path opposite the one you came from, and to the left are dead ends. The one to the right of your path is the one you want. The emerald is sitting in the center of this room, guarded by blocks, and there are two more dead ends to watch out for, opposite each other.
Click to view.
Should be able to break through pretty quickly, being careful of the dead ends below.
The Yellow Emerald Stage 2
A bit more complex this time, but a similar style. Go to the left of your starting position, avoiding the dead end on the right of it. Going through this path, you'll come into a larger room, with a dead end directly opposite. Go to the right of your entrance. There's another dead end on this far side, but drop into a passage just before it, which leads into the emerald's room. There are more blocks to get through on this one, but only one dead end, on the opposite side.
Click to view.
Pass through these gates to the emerald after a tricky winding corridor.
The Purple Emerald Stage 3
This is basically one massive, long room, with five dead ends around it. Two on the sides, and one just opposite the emerald, at the bottom. It's located at the other end of the room from your starting position, so just try and make your way down there, using the objects.
Click to view.
Try and blindly make your way through an array of objects sprinkled across this massive room.
The Green Emerald Stage 4
This consists of one long path to get to the emerald. It starts out in a diagonal direction at first. Keep going this way, avoiding the dead end along the way, until you reach a sharp left turn in the path soon after it. There will be another dead end directly ahead, but look out for the rings to be in an arrow formation, to indicate the correct way. Keep going along the following, straighter path, past another dead end on the left, and you'll come to another sharp left turn, with an arrow of rings. Follow them, as opposed to going straight ahead to a dead end. The emerald room has two dead ends either side of the entrance.
Click to view.
Be on the lookout for rings that give you a hint of the right way to go, by forming an arrow arrangement. Clever little things, they are.
The Red Emerald Stage 5
One long, twisting pathway to get to the emerald room. Carry on straight along the path and don't turn to the left, to avoid the first dead end. When you get to the second, take the path that has two sets of six rings either side of the safe red and white spheres, not the one to the right of your path. Carry straight on through this main corridor, past the third dead end on the right of it, and you'll come to the red emerald. There are two dead ends in here, positioned diagonally, either side of the emerald, opposite the entrance.
Click to view.
A lengthy, zig-zagging corridor finally leads you into the emerald room.
The Grey Emerald Stage 6
This is another massive room, this time more square shaped, and there are four dead ends on either corner of it. The grey emerald, surrounded by a couple of walls of blocks spaced out from each other, is located smack bang in the middle.
Click to view.
Just watch out for the four corners of this square-ish room.
This message will appear above the score tally once you've claimed your final emerald.
When you've got them all, a message appears in the Special Stage score tally telling you so. The giant rings will stop appearing thereafter, and you can now go on to complete the game fully. If you're expecting Super Sonic, then I'm sorry to disappoint, but that concept was not created until Sonic 2. And anyway, you need all seven emeralds for that, and there isn't a seventh in Sonic 1, so there.
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#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 14th April 2009, 3:02am (BST)
On Special Stage 1, you can actually reach the emerald's 'room' by not touching the controls at all.
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Friday, 4th February 2011, 5:38am (GMT)
You can't get Special Stages in Scrap Brain because the game uses the giant rings spot for the flames in the background
#3. Comment posted by Joss on Friday, 16th November 2012, 2:23am (GMT)
I like how Robotnik jumps angrily up and down when you get them all, instead of juggling them around in your face.
#4. Comment posted by Joss on Friday, 16th November 2012, 2:23am (GMT)
I like how Robotnik jumps angrily up and down when you get them all, instead of juggling them around in your face.
#5. Comment posted by AnarchyBeryl on Saturday, 4th January 2014, 5:05am (GMT)
There is a secret 7th Special Stage in the 2013 iOS/Android release of Sonic 1. To get to it you must start a "No Save Game" playthrough, then go to the Stage Select screen and set the number of Chaos Emeralds to 7. You can start the game at the seventh Special Stage by setting the Sound Test to 06 and then entering the Special Stage. It is deviously hard! If you collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds, you can turn into Super Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles after getting 50 rings! However, since this is only accessible in "No Save Mode" you will have to go through it all over again the next time you boot the app (or use Debug mode to spawn a Super monitor).
#6. Comment posted by philipawalker on Friday, 21st February 2014, 5:36am (GMT)
Special Stage 3, you can reach the emerald area easily and quickly by not pressing anything at all. This does not, however, work on the iOS remake version. In the iOS remake version, holding left immediately at the start and not letting go will get you to the same spot.
#7. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 30th May 2017, 8:29pm (BST)
There is a 7th Special Stage on the Mobile version of the game
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#1. Comment posted by DougM on Wednesday, 17th June 2009, 9:55pm (BST)
I'm not sure if this is true for the original game, but it is true on my iPod version. In the first special stage, Sonic will land in the gem room on his own without you touching the d-pad. Just let him fall and the level will do the rest for you. Once you're in the gem room you'll have to resume controlling Sonic.
#2. Comment posted by dzvid on Monday, 6th September 2010, 6:50pm (BST)
Hi Here's a Chaos Emerald Glitch first put in debug mode
then go to the special stages then turn into a object get out the maze then turn back into sonic then sonic should roll fast then(ps it may take a couple of tries to get it right) then there should be a blue chaos emerald repeat this in the other special stage's u should have six blue chaos emrealds note there only blue till the part where the chaos emeralds come out at the end
#3. Comment posted by tailsrules on Saturday, 21st July 2012, 3:38am (BST)
I think maybe sonic can't be super sonic because there is only six chaos emeralds in the game and sonic needs SEVEN to transform and the final one is probably in the stages of Sonic 2
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