Where to find the coolest game ROMs?
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Game ROMs is another thing that proves that everything new is well-forgotten old. If you are a young adult, it is almost sure that you played numerous video games earlier: you or your friend probably had a console and spent hours playing Tetris or Super Mario together. ROM technology can help to bring back that charming nostalgia into reality. Modern-days technologies are advanced, sophisticated, and easy to use, but enjoying the same video games you used to play as a child sometimes might be even more pleasant.

What are ROMs and how they are related to video games?

The term ROM is widely used in the technology. It is an abbreviation for "read-only-memory." So, it is a memory type which is mainly used for storing the information which cannot be modified by the user. Such information, copied from the ROM, is called ROM file or ROM image depending on its format. ROMs are commonly used for keeping plug-in cartridges and firmware. There is a pleasant bonus - video games is another popular application for this type of memory.

As for retro video games, storing them on ROMs has numerous benefits. It allows the one to run the outdated game on the present-day devices: you do not need any consoles anymore, just download a few files on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and play. The ROMs would run on iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems. Retro games ROMs are files with a particular extension, especially encrypted game for a console: for example, gba ROM for Gameboy Advance. They are stored in zip-archives as to be convenient to use.

As contemporary technologies are far more advanced than those used in retro games, the one also has to install the particular emulator which allows running the game. Without emulators, the game would not run on the modern device. Thus, to play your favourite childhood game, you need only two files:

- ROM of the chosen game
- Emulator ROM

How can I find all those ROMs?

There are numerous websites on the Web where to get roms. You can conduct the research by yourself or visit one of the specialized websites which store numerous game ROMs and which also offer emulator as well. Such websites open new opportunities for the user, as aside from finding that one special game, you would definitely find dozens of other games which you have already forgotten about. Usually, specialized websites provide the user with an immense collection of various ROMs:

- snes ROMs
- gba ROMs
- n64 ROMs
- gamecube ROMs
- nes ROMs
- cool ROMs
- wii ROMs
- nds ROMs
- psx isos
- gameboy ROMs
- sega genesis ROMs
- gbc ROMs
- gba pokemon ROMs

All these ROMs can be accessed easily and downloaded at a few clicks. There is another advantage - many websites offer free ROMs, so you just have to choose the one or few ROMs you like and download them.

Is it safe?

Like any other files from the Web, ROMs might include viruses and threat your cyber safety. Remember about it: choosing the website to install Pokemon, check whether all the files are safe and free of viruses. The best way to make sure that the chosen file is free from viruses is to choose the websites which offer ROMs legally. Such providers have all the licenses and online security badges, so it is advisable to check them before the download.

Let yourself be nostalgic and think about the days of childhood. Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, and Super Mario can be brought back to life. If you want to relax, it is an excellent idea to take a trip down memory lane and play the same games which excited you many years ago.
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