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Sonic is a unique Japanese video game series developed and owned by Sega, first created in 1991. This series centers on Sonic, designed as a blue hedgehog with human features, and fights against Doctor Eggman, portrayed as a crazy scientist. Platformers make up most of Sonic's games that its Team creates. The first significant 3D Sonic game, Adventure, was published in 1998 for Dreamcast. Sega continued on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems after leaving the console industry in 2001 and switching to third-party production.

Sonic-Themed Slot Games

Most users just want to sit around with friends and play some slots, whereby they keep things simple and just go with gameplay to earn big payouts. Now, with the existence of Saga Slots, punters can experience playing various Sonic-themed slots. Let's look at some top slot games available in this category.

  1. Sonic Reels: This is a unique free online no downlaod slot developed by Wazdan and features more of a retro style for those who love innovative audio-visual solutions. It has 6 reels with users having 729 ways to win, coupled with amazing bonuses activated by pumpkin-speakers, giving them utmost satisfaction. This slot game offers great visual/sound effects and a special atmosphere that gives them an amazing gaming experience. Free online Sonic slot has a return-to-player percentage of 96.24% and various features such as wilds, scatters, free spins, and others.
  2. Sonic Links: Looking at this Sonic slot no download game is another fantastic Microgaming slot that is primarily focused on winning. This one has 5 reels/3 rows and comes with 25 paylines. Taking a look at its major features, it pays 5000x the total stake, comes with a 96.06% return to user percentage, and has high volatility. In this free Sonic slot online game, some bonus features include free spins, wilds, re-spins, and scatter symbols.
  3. Sonic Boom: It is a 3 reel slot machine no download developed by Microgaming that features a high-octane theme based on fighter jets for gamblers who love slot games that come with a bit of adrenaline. Sonic Boom slot online comes with just 1 payline, with a winning potential of up to 125,000 credits. Although no free spins are available, punters still enjoy a bonus boost resulting from a wild symbol that doubles or quadruples win while playing.
  4. Sonic Slot Game UI: This slot Game UI is another amazing slot game for punters to enjoy. Its various bonus features provide players with a wonderful gaming experience, such as wilds, scatters, re-spins, and free spins.

5 TOP Sonic Games for PC

Sonic was a saga exclusive throughout the console wars of 1990. Following Dreamcast, Sage shifted to a third-party publishing model, making it more accessible on various platforms. Here are some popular games for PC:

#1. Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed

Genre: Racing

Series: Saga All-Stars

Platforms: PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android.

Review: considering this game in question, it was a Wii U launch title in Europe and North America. It was released for Xbox 360, Wii U, and PlayStation 3 in November 2012. It was also released for PS Vita/Microsoft Windows in 2012 and 2013. It was nominated by Game Trailers for Best Racing Game in 2013 and various others.

#2. Sonic: Lost World

Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Microsoft Windows.

Review: Lost World was released in October 2013 for various platforms, including Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This series majors on Sonic's ability to put an end to Deadly Six, its main antagonists of this game. Their main character must work with the sidekick "Tails" to defeat Doctor Eggman.

#3. Sonic Frontiers

Genre: Platformer, Action-Adventure

Series: Sonic

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

Review: Sonic Frontiers will be released by Saga, wherein players take on the role of its main character and explore its enigmatic Starfall Islands to gather the Chaos Emeralds. It's the first open environment where users solve puzzles to gather objects, battle robot opponents, and incorporate platforming and classic Sonic components like grind rails/rings.

#4. Team Sonic Racing

Genre: Kart Racing

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

Review: SR was released in 2019 as a kart racing game, with users able to control one of 15 characters from their series cast to race while using sports cars. It is played in the third-person perspective, where it is possible to collect power-ups, drift, and perform various other tricks. It differs from regular kart racers because it majors in cooperative gameplay. Some features of its mode are the ability to compete to earn points, customize racing rules, and time trials.

#5. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Genre: Platformer, Action-Adventure

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Dreamcast, GameCube, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows.

Review: Adventure 2 was released in 2001 as it features a two-good versus evil storyline involving its main character, Tails and Knuckles, as they try to save the world. Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge, and Doctor Eggman try their best to destroy their world. Adventure 2 Battle is divided into 3 styles: multi-directional shooting, fast-paced Platformer, and active exploration.

Nintendo DS

Sonic Games are also available for the Nintendo DS, providing users with high visual/ audio quality. Let's take a look at some popular ones available on the Nintendo DS:

Sonic Rush


Platform, action


Sonic the Hedgehog


Nintendo DS

The 2D platform game was released on November 15, 2005. It is similar to other series games, such as Advance/Mania. This game's levels are displayed using DS's screens and side-scrolling. It features an intertwined adventure between its main character and Blaze as they fight against Doctor Eggman/Eggman Nega.

Sonic Classic Collection




Sonic the Hedgehog


Nintendo DS

This is a compilation of multiple games released in 2010. This compilation contains various Sonic series, which include Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, and 3, as well as Sonic & Knuckles. This Classic Collection also implements a Lock-on mode available in the initial Sonic & Knuckles cartridge. It also features the ability to save at any moment, which is not available in its original variant. Users also have the opportunity to view a gallery of various characters from its series.

Sonic Colors




Sonic the Hedgehog


Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Amazon Luna

This is a special game published by Sega in 2010. It is about Sonic's mission to prevent Doctor Eggman from taking over the world. Sonic Colors is similar to previous ones, where players are expected to collect rings and defeat enemies equally. But, its camera's perspective switches between third parties/side-scrolling. To make gameplay more interesting, Sonic Colors introduces Wisps, which users can use to boost their range of attack.

List of Best Sonic Games on Nintendo Switch 2022

If you are a new fan of the blue hedgehog or have decided to relieve yourself of your favorite games, there are various titles to enjoy on Nintendo Switch. Below is a list of some amazing variants available on Nintendo Switch:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Genre: Platform 

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog 

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 follows a storyline about his attempt to prevent Doctor Robotic from taking the Chaos Emeralds he planned on using to power his space station. Just like their first series, you get to collect rings, fight bosses, and defeat enemies. It features larger levels, special stages, a multiplayer mode, and faster gameplay.


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Genre: sports

Series: Mario and Sonic

Platforms: Nintendo Switch/Arcade

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 was developed by Sage and released on November 1, 2019, and it is based on the summer Olympics that were to take place in 202. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is its 6th game in the series and is a crossover between Sega's blue Hedgehog/Super Mario.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Genre: Fighting

Series: Super Smash Bros 

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

This is another amazing fighting game that Nintendo published in 2018. Super Smash Bros Ultimate's gameplay features a special traditional style whereby a user controls any of their preferred characters out of the many available and uses various styles of attack to defeat their opponent after eventually knocking them out. Gameplay features various modes, such as a single-player and multiplayer mode, and 89 playable fighters, which include characters from its previous Super Smash Bros. series.


Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Genre: Platformer, Action-Adventure

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Amazon Luna

This game is an advanced version of its Sonic Colors available on WII. It was released on September 7th, 2021 and made available on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and others. But, for users who decided to go for its Digital Deluxe version, it was made available on the 3rd of September 2021.

Sonic Games Android

Hedgehog is one of many characters in the history of video games, which goes way back to its early 90s on various platforms, including PlayStation, Nintendo, and even Xbox. It is a famous cartoon worldwide with a massive fan base. With this, below are some of the best for Android:

☎️ Sonic Dash

Release date: November 26, 2013

Genres: Endless runner

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Publishers: Sega

Platforms: Android, iOS, Arcade, Microsoft Windows

Review: Its Android version was released in November 2013 and was originally released as a paid application. But, it first offered an opportunity to enjoy playing for one month after it released an iOS version. Its main aim is to avoid enemies and obstacles and equally collect rings. Taking a look at their mission mode, it is expected of players to complete objectives and to have a chance to compete for higher ranks on leaderboards. Users must collect rings through gameplay or in-app purchases to access additional characters/upgrades.

☎️Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Release date: November 7, 2017

Genres: Platform, Action-Adventure 

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog 

Publishers: Sega 

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Review: Forces Speed Battle was released in November 2017, commemorating its 25th anniversary. Force Speed Battle revolves around them joining forces to put an end to Doctor Eggman, who is set on destroying the world.

☎️Sonic Runners Adventure

Release date: June 10, 2017

Genres: Endless runner, Platformer 

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog 

Publishers: Gameloft

Platforms: Android, iOS, Jave ME

Review: Sonic Runner Adventure is similar to a previous game in that series. It was released in June 2017 and is a platform game with unending running elements. Players have the opportunity to choose among various characters available, with each one having a unique ability. They must guide them through a series of levels with their selected character.

☎️Sonic Jump Fever

Release date: July 10, 2014

Genres: Platform

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Publishers: Sega

Platforms: Android and iOS

Review: it is quite similar to its original Jump title. It aims for players to find their way around a vertical course as high as possible, where they need to move their characters by tilting their mobile device in any direction they want. They can also double jump by tapping the screen. Regarding gameplay, users can earn points by hitting their opponents below. This one focuses more on multiplayer games than a previous Jump title. It also shows a leaderboard that displays other high scores and is reset twice weekly.

For Xbox 360

It was a major hit after its release in 1991, making SAGA one of the world's biggest video game companies. Over the years, it has had various games to its name thanks to hit movies such as its new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. With this, users now have the opportunity to play classic ones on new consoles like its Xbox 360.


Sega Superstars Tennis

Genre: Sports game

Series: Sega All-Stars

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Mac OS, Nintendo DS

Review: Sega Superstars Tennis is similar to its Virtua Tennis series from Sega, whereby game characters can perform certain skills and techniques, such as drop shots/lob shots. Sega Superstars Tennis was released on March 18, 2008, with each character available having various proficiency in certain areas, including control and power. They also have a special state referred to as the "Superstar State", a unique ability that can only be initiated upon filling an accompanied meter.


Sonic Unleashed

Genre: Beat 'em up, action-adventure, Platformer

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2

Review: This video game was released in 2008 and revolved around how its main character tries to restore balance to the world after Doctor Eggman destroyed it while using the powerful laser to unleash Dark Gaia. He also has to deal with his werewolf-life transformation, which resulted from his exposure to the energy of Dark Gaia. Gameplay is of two unique styles, which can be played at night or during the day.


Sonic Free Riders

Genre: Racing

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Xbox 360

Review: Free Rider was released in November 2010 and is known to be a motion-controlled racing game developed for the Xbox 360. This is its 7th racing game following their series. Free Rider revolves around its series' main antagonist, Doctor Eggman, who was planning to put together data from the rider program directly into his robot machines.


Sonic Generations

Genre: Platform, action-adventure

Series: Sonic the hedgehog

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS

Review: it was released on November 1, 2011, for Xbox 360 and features its main characters, Sonic and Tails, as they work together with themselves from the past. Its gameplay has two major styles: Classic and Modern. Classic plays from a regular side-scrolling point of view similar to their original game, while Modern does it from a 3D level, just like Sonic Unleashed.


For PlayStation

Only a couple of video game characters are as legendary as our Hedgehog, as this little blue creature has been around in various forms for over two decades. Here, we will be looking at some variants available on PlayStation:


Sonic CD

Genre: Platform

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: PlayStation, Android, Xbox 360, iOS, and Sega CD

Review: it was launched on September 23, 1994, and its story revolves around an attempt to keep Little Planet safe from his nemesis, Doctor Robotnik. Players run and jump through various unique themed levels, defeat robots, and collect rings in this game. It is unique from all others due to its time travel feature, which is a major part of its story. Here, users are granted access to various versions of stages that feature amazing graphics, music, and alternate layout by traveling through time.

Sonic Mania 

Genre: Platformer

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

Review: it was released in July 2018 as an expanded version of Sonic Mania. This release added two special characters; Ray the Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo. It also features a new game mode and increases competition by up to three times for contestants.

Sonic Origins

Genre: platform

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Review: it was released on June 23, 2022, with added new missions/modes. This enables users to access content in an in-game museum, increasing their overall gaming experience. This new version includes additional animations and areas to explore.

Sonic Mega Collection

Genre: Various

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows.

Review: This game is a compilation of 14 different games released originally for Sega Genesis. Apart from its original seven available, three unlockable and four non-sonic ones were added, each with instruction manual scans. Sonic Mega Collection was released on November 2, 2004.

For Wii

Have you been looking for some Hedgehog games on Wii? Playing games in this series has never gotten more interesting with its sounds, graphics, and thrills users enjoy when playing. Below are some available on Wii.


Sonic and the Black Knight

Genre: Hack and Slash, Action-adventure, Platformers

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Wii

Sonic and the Black Knight is quite different from others, as they offer this game a new element of swordplay. Its gameplay was based on the Sonic and the Secret Rings series and had similar abilities/restrictions. Compared to the 3D Sonic, its main character only has the opportunity to move left, right, and reverse backflip without the chance to turn around. It was released on March 3, 2009.


Sonic Unleashed

Genre: Beat 'em up, action-adventure, Platformer

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2

This video game was released in 2008 in the Sonic series. It revolves around how Sonic tries to restore balance to the world after Doctor Eggman destroys it while using its powerful laser to unleash Dark Gaia. He also has to deal with his werewolf-life transformation due to his exposure to the energy of Dark Gaia. Gameplay is divided into two unique styles, which can be played at night or during the day.


Sonic and the Secret Rings

Genre: Platform, action

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Wii

It is a three-dimensional platform that features an on-rails motion style, with him being its only game character. Players control their characters by making use of a Wii Remote, which is handled in a horizontal manner similar to a regular gamepad. Sonic and the Secret Rings was released on February 20, 2007, and has been one of the best franchises on Wii.


Sonic Advance

Genre: Platform

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Platforms: Wii, Android

In this game, players explore an island to destroy Doctor Eggman, whose plan is to hold captive the animal population to transform them into his evil robots. It was released on December 20, 2001, where users can choose any of their preferred characters among the four available. Apart from his speed, he can also perform an "insta-shield" technique which protects him for a while, while Tails can fly, and Knuckles can swim above water and climb walls. 

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