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Friday, 9th May 2008, 3:30pm (UTC), 1 Comment
Update: Sky Chase Zone added to the Sonic 2 section
Just as I had hoped, I managed to throw the page and map together for Sky Chase within a day, and even more easily than I expected. It's about time that something actually took less time for me to do than anticipated. The map proved a bit more complicated though because all the badniks move across the screen at different speeds, and I found it quite hard to plot them all accurately, according to where they would actually appear, so I just stuck to their starting positions. It's a pretty self-explanatory stage though, so I doubt anyone really needs the map anyway, as you can't exactly miss anything. Oh well, there if you want it.

Since I'm starting a job soon I thought I'd give in and buy Mario and Sonic and Sega Superstars Tennis. Doesn't look like they're coming down in price any time soon, at least not the former, so I thought what the hell. Got them at The Hut, who are currently offering Superstars for £15 when you buy Mario and Sonic for 30, so if you've been thinking about getting both of these, but hesitant to go full price, that might be your best deal for a while.. Having said that though, it seems they've knocked off a whole pound from Mario and Sonic since I bought it the other day.. bastards!

So Mario and Sonic arrived this morning, but Superstars is oddly still within the firm grip of the Royal Mail, somewhere. I played a few events briefly but I think it really is far more of a multi-player game, and most of them, I wasn't really enjoying very much to be honest. I don't like how so many of the events are unlockable too. I want to play the archery one, and the dream events too, but turns out I have to go through all sorts of stuff first. I guess first thing in the morning, I wasn't feeling particularly active either, and the 100 meters sprint wore me out. Given the amount of time I've invested on building this site so far, you would be safe to assume I'm not the fittest person in the world. Still, at least my Sonic game collection is once again complete now, with all 45 existing titles. Superstars is more of a Sega game, so I don't count it as a Sonic one as such, and M&S is at least 50% Sonic. Those are my rules, and I stick to them.

I'll tell you what I also picked up in the same gaming binge though.. LocoRoco for the PSP. If you love classic Sonic and happy, bright games, you'll probably really like this. It's a platformer with simple but very stylish graphics, fantastic physics and very Sonic-like rolling around at speed. I was instantly enchanted by it, and it was only a tenner or so, so I recommend looking into it.

Expect Wing Fortress to not be too far down the road, I reckon. Should be able to at least start it and get a good way through over the next week or so.
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