SEGA's Plans for the Next Generation of Gaming
Tuesday, 20th October 2020, 2:27pm (UTC), 0 Comments
The legendary Japanese video game developer is getting ready to welcome the beginning of a new era for gaming with a variety of game releases across several consoles. The SEGA developers are working on new titles, remakes, remasters and enhanced versions of games, which players will get to enjoy not only on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo devices but also on computers, arcades and streaming environments. Their gaming development plans include projects for a variety of action games, RPGs, e-sports games and of course titles that have earned legendary status in previous decades. The question in every SEGA fan's mind is of course "Is SEGA going to release a ninth-generation Sonic game".

SEGA's most iconic character is turning thirty, and it feels like its creators are looking for ways to release gaming products that will give Sonic the birthday party the character deserves. Following the not so successful Sonic movie release (at least as far as reviewers are concerned!), fans are hopeful that SEGA is ready to take a more direct approach on modernising not only the character but also the wider Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Gaming is about to take a giant leap forward, and if SEGA wants to keep up, then it will have to find ways to deliver. Classic and free-to-play Sonic games are great, but when Nintendo goes to great lengths to celebrate Mario's 35-year anniversary, and Sony is releasing a new and improved Crash Bandicoot, then SEGA needs to go the extra mile, to give Sonic what its legacy deserves.

Gaming Reality and Realistic Expectation

It is true that we live at a time during which creating a game means years of development work. Unlike gaming fans who have the opportunity to enjoy online games at websites featuring the innovative Everybody's Jackpot slot, gaming developers are working hard to keep up with the competition. If the rumours are more than just rumours and SEGA is really planning to release a series of Sonic games for ninth-generation environments, then this means that its developers have already put in at least a year's worth of coding and script writing.

During this period, the iconic gaming giants are working on several gaming projects simultaneously, even though many people are saying that SEGA's time has been and gone. Sonic titles aside, SEGA is working on numerous titles that will be available on multiple gaming environments. Starting with ninth-generation consoles, SEGA is releasing an enhanced version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Puyu Puyo Tetris 2: The Ultimate Puzzle Match, Football Manager 2021 and Phantasy Star Online 2. Fans will be happy to hear that SEGA is also at the final development stages for Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX and on an updated version for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

A Good Period for Incremental Innovation

With just a couple of months to go before the new year, SEGA has the opportunity to reinvent both itself as well as its products. Starting from their outdated website and continuing with games that could use a boost, SEGA needs to take the steps required to keep up with other developers. The company is the sole owner of gaming treasures, and it would be a pity if they did not take advantage of these copyrights.
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