Why the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Should Be Great for the Character
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If all had gone to plan, Sonic the Hedgehog would be hitting cinemas in November 2019. Yet, as anyone who went on Twitter at any point during May can testify, things very much didn't go according to plan. It's incredibly rare to see backlash among fans provoking a significant rethink of a character before a movie's release, but the negative response to the original design of Sonic was impossible for director Jeff Fowler to ignore.

The main point of contention with the original animation of Sonic was the overtly humanoid nature. When your lead character is a blue supersonic hedgehog, it's probably not wise to drastically alter its design by turning it into some bizarre human hybrid. The success of Detective Pikachu has demonstrated that video game characters can be successfully rendered in worlds shared with humans, without changing what made the characters so popular to begin with.

Lessons learned

It is encouraging that Fowler was willing to listen and adapt to fans' feedback, with the movie's release date pushed back to February 2020 to accommodate a redesign of Sonic. It would have been quicker and cheaper to bury heads in the sand and simply hope that fans learned to love (or at least not mind) the animation style, but Fowler realized that he had done a disservice to one of the most popular video game characters of all time.

Given how long Sega fans have been waiting for a Sonic movie adaptation, it is refreshing that Fowler understands the importance of getting it right. With so many of the responses to the trailer being based on Sonic's design, there hasn't been too much discourse surrounding the potential plot and tone of the movie. It shouldn't be forgotten that there are some big names on board, people that carry real star power.

The movie's biggest casting intrigue comes in the shape of Jim Carrey, set to play Sonic's nemesis Dr 'Eggman' Robotnik. Early signs from the trailer suggest it could be a scene-stealing role for Carrey, who will bring his legendary energy and quirkiness to the part. While the power of the Sonic name will attract legions of gaming fans, it is the inclusion of Carrey that could tempt more casual cinemagoers to check out the film.

A new franchise

If Sonic the Hedgehog is a box office success, then there is no reason to think that it won't herald the beginning of a franchise with several potential points for spin-offs. More movies will mean more games and more ways to engage with the character of Sonic. A useful point of comparison comes in the shape of another classic gaming character, Lara Croft.

Croft made the leap from gaming character to movie lead in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie brought that all-important star power to two Tomb Raider flicks - the kind that Carrey is tasked with bringing to Sonic the Hedgehog. The existence of those movies has certainly helped the longevity of Tomb Raider as a gaming franchise. Many people still consider Jolie's Croft as the definitive portrayal of the character, with aesthetic and action elements of those films making their way into subsequent games.

The development of movies also gave Croft greater crossover potential to spin off into new genres of game. It is hard for a video game character to translate into the world of online slots without a film adaptation acting as a bridge between the two. The Tomb Raider slot at NinjaCasino takes inspiration from both the video games and the movies to deliver a real sense of adventure across the reels. Having a game based simply on another game could be confusing, but the movies ensure that there is a seamless transition across genres.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie could prove similarly instrumental in driving the creation of more branded Sega slots. Online slot themes can be a useful barometer for what is popular, so a successful movie could be integral to bringing Sonic to a wider gaming demographic. The film also looks set to have strong comedic elements, something else that will prove useful in attracting a wide range of viewers.

Ben Schwartz is the voice of Sonic, a comedic actor who showed his timing and zaniness in the popular NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. James Marsden will play Tom Wachowski, Sonic's closest human ally. It promises to be a similar relationship to that of Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu, with one hilariously uncomfortable human having to act against a misunderstood animated character.

Given the success of the similar movie Detective Pikachu, Fowler and Paramount Pictures will be hopeful that the redesign of Sonic builds plenty of goodwill before the movie's eventual release. There is a huge appetite for Sonic on the big screen, and if done well it could reinvigorate the Sonic franchise and see spin-offs into new forms of media.
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Where to find the coolest game ROMs?
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Game ROMs is another thing that proves that everything new is well-forgotten old. If you are a young adult, it is almost sure that you played numerous video games earlier: you or your friend probably had a console and spent hours playing Tetris or Super Mario together. ROM technology can help to bring back that charming nostalgia into reality. Modern-days technologies are advanced, sophisticated, and easy to use, but enjoying the same video games you used to play as a child sometimes might be even more pleasant.

What are ROMs and how they are related to video games?

The term ROM is widely used in the technology. It is an abbreviation for "read-only-memory." So, it is a memory type which is mainly used for storing the information which cannot be modified by the user. Such information, copied from the ROM, is called ROM file or ROM image depending on its format. ROMs are commonly used for keeping plug-in cartridges and firmware. There is a pleasant bonus - video games is another popular application for this type of memory.

As for retro video games, storing them on ROMs has numerous benefits. It allows the one to run the outdated game on the present-day devices: you do not need any consoles anymore, just download a few files on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and play. The ROMs would run on iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems. Retro games ROMs are files with a particular extension, especially encrypted game for a console: for example, gba ROM for Gameboy Advance. They are stored in zip-archives as to be convenient to use.

As contemporary technologies are far more advanced than those used in retro games, the one also has to install the particular emulator which allows running the game. Without emulators, the game would not run on the modern device. Thus, to play your favourite childhood game, you need only two files:

- ROM of the chosen game
- Emulator ROM

How can I find all those ROMs?

There are numerous websites on the Web where to get roms. You can conduct the research by yourself or visit one of the specialized websites which store numerous game ROMs and which also offer emulator as well. Such websites open new opportunities for the user, as aside from finding that one special game, you would definitely find dozens of other games which you have already forgotten about. Usually, specialized websites provide the user with an immense collection of various ROMs:

- snes ROMs
- gba ROMs
- n64 ROMs
- gamecube ROMs
- nes ROMs
- cool ROMs
- wii ROMs
- nds ROMs
- psx isos
- gameboy ROMs
- sega genesis ROMs
- gbc ROMs
- gba pokemon ROMs

All these ROMs can be accessed easily and downloaded at a few clicks. There is another advantage - many websites offer free ROMs, so you just have to choose the one or few ROMs you like and download them.

Is it safe?

Like any other files from the Web, ROMs might include viruses and threat your cyber safety. Remember about it: choosing the website to install Pokemon, check whether all the files are safe and free of viruses. The best way to make sure that the chosen file is free from viruses is to choose the websites which offer ROMs legally. Such providers have all the licenses and online security badges, so it is advisable to check them before the download.

Let yourself be nostalgic and think about the days of childhood. Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, and Super Mario can be brought back to life. If you want to relax, it is an excellent idea to take a trip down memory lane and play the same games which excited you many years ago.
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Is a Crossover to Casino Gaming Next for Sonic the Hedgehog?
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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most recognizable gaming icons of all time, managing to remain relevant for decades while appealing to generations of gamers. Sonic is so popular, in fact, that he is often one of the go-to characters of choice when developers are looking for characters to cross over into new games and genres.

The blue speedster has headlined many crossovers in the past, often joining other Sega stars to compete against famous Nintendo characters, so is it time for Sonic to take another big leap to another form of gaming. Over the last decade, the online casino gaming scene has become enormous, with developers drawing from every corner of inspiration to deliver new and exciting games. This could put Sonic in line for his own online casino game. After all, let's not forget the wealth of casino-themed levels in various Sonic IPs, where we saw casino backgrounds, roulette tables, cards and more.

Sonic tends to fare well in any field

Being such a beloved game character in his own right, Sonic the Hedgehog will always have a set base of die-hard fans that will enjoy games featuring the iconic character regardless of the game's actual merits. Overall, Sonic has fared well when he's stepped away from his own series of games and into crossover territory. The trick, it seems, is to deliver a Sonic which is the same character in likeness, abilities and mannerisms as the original.

As stated, when Sonic leaves his games, he tends to be to take on the Nintendo elite, with one of the best transitions being into the world of Smash Bros. In 2008, Super Smash Bros. Brawl marked the first title in the then three-game old franchise that Sonic featured on the roster. By paying special attention to the crucial aesthetic qualities of the character, it's fair to say that Nintendo appeased Sega fans with its very powerful rendition of Sonic.

Sonic has continued to feature in the Smash Bros. series, including the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which his super-speed and rolling attack can devastate slower foes. Another great crossover which will soon be receiving its sixth game of the series is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, this time exclusively at Tokyo 2020. The series has never failed to disappoint, using inventive gameplay mechanics and a roster of great characters for the Sonic and Mario franchises to allow fans to compete for gold medals.

Is it time for Sonic to embrace online slots?

A common trend in online casinos is for developers to make licensed games in the theme of pop-culture icons. The practice has become so popular with players that the best online slots to play in 2019 include branded games like Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, and Gladiator. Given that the Sonic games have featured casino levels, the best of which has to be Casino Night Zone in Sonic 2, it seems like a Sonic online casino game could be a natural fit. Not only have Sonic games featured casino levels and boasted many slot-like chimes throughout, but Sonic also features in Sega Slots, which is a free-to-play mobile slot game.

If an online slot developer was able to attain the Sonic license from Sega and create a slot that features the blue hedgehog as well as some of the additional characters, sights and sounds from his games, it could be a huge hit. Sonic the Hedgehog has proven that he's popular and strong enough to handle any switch-up, so the online casinos appear to just be another genre of gaming that he could conquer.
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In Celebration: Casino Night Zone in Sonic 2
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Casino Night Zone It’s time to look back in wonder at a stone-cold classic zone in the Sonic game franchise. This is a zone that is famed for its golden color scheme and incredible pinball action. It’s a zone that has inspired countless other games and once played is never forgotten. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Casino Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So, let’s switch on our consoles and take another look at this genre-defining gambling section.

Inspired by the Slot Machines of Vegas

"las-vegas-2012-20" by Mathieu Lebreton (CC BY 2.0)

Casino Night Zone is inspired by the real-world casino environments of Las Vegas. The fabulous city of gambling and glamour is known for its glittering surroundings and ever-popular slot machine games. And just how popular are the city’s slot games? Well, tourists from all over the world visit Las Vegas to play them. And millions more regularly play similar slot machine games in the comfort of their own homes via the internet. Currently, Starburst is the world’s most popular online slot game - whether that's due to the eye-catching graphics, the available bonuses or wide-ranging compatibility is not clear. But what is clear, is that there are plenty of others to choose from, too, and they all have one thing in common - they’re incredibly enjoyable. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see why the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog decided that our favourite character also deserved a little bit of slot game fun.

Infused with Pinball Fun

"Count-Down" by Chris Ainsworth (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The other inspiration for Casino Night Zone is pinball. Many readers may be too young to remember when pinball machines could be found in every town, but they were the original arcade machines. Taking just one look at the history of pinball, we can see that these machines were hugely popular and also great fun to play. So, it makes sense that the makers of Sonic 2 decided to combine pinball action with slot machine fun to make the ultimate zone.

An Overview of the Zone

If you want to know more about Casino Night Zone, it’s best to play it yourself. To enter, you have to play through the game until after the Aquatic Ruin Zone. You will be confronted with neon colors and gaming elements including pinball flaps, bumpers and slot machines. Also, look out for the spring catapults. At the end of each of the two acts, you will have to confront a pinball bumper intent on stopping Sonic. But can he be stopped? Never! Sonic springs around the zone at his usual speed, bouncing from section to section with glee.

Playing the Slot Machines

Perhaps the most exciting part of Casino Night Zone is playing the slot machines and you can do this by entering a hatch at the top or bottom of a machine. You can then activate the machine and find different combinations of the three elements to get a reward. And what’s the best reward? Rings, of course! But there is also the risk that you can lose rings, giving gameplay an additional element of excitement. Another option is that you can simply win nothing, which adds realism to the game because part of the joy of playing slots is that you never know what’s going to happen.

Get Gaming

If you need any further inspiration, you can read our full article about Casino Night Zone.  But you’re probably itching to get gaming. So, enjoy Casino Night Zone and the rest of Sonic 2.
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Sonic Mania Plus Review
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While Sonic fans are still reeling at how Sonic has gained an online presence becoming as popular as any other Sega game, there have been some recent developments. You see, the brand has even made its way into the heart of online casinos and video slots are being designed based on the theme. This website will prove the vast range of incredible games and maybe you will even find Sonic hidden somewhere in there. But for now, after playing the latest updated version of Sonic Mania Plus, you get the full scoop of what to expect from one of the best Sega updates in history.

The Graphics

While Sega fans appreciate the block effect of Sonic, the updated game offer great graphics and vivid colours, really complimenting the imagery projected. 2D graphics and a 1990's soundtrack adds to the enjoyment of the game, really setting this version apart from its predecessors. The complimentary approach of both the past of the game while looking to what Sega fans want from the future, has really added value to the game and you get this feeling from Sonic's updated quests.


You will appreciate the classic Sonic styled controls, easing you back into familiar habits and allowing you full and easy access to movement for your character. There are two gaming options to choose from which is great if you really want to explore all aspects of the game, allowing you prolonged adventure.

The screen offers a wider aspect ratio which allows you to absorb all the obstacles and appreciate all the new colourful graphics.

The Characters

The sense you get when playing with the new characters is distinctly familiar with those of the older version, so comfort ability is easy in coming. Sonic has a new power in this version, he is able to roll forward quickly after a jump, a welcomed feature as you gain more rewards with supersonic speed.

The two other characters; Knuckles and Tails each have their own set of powers which changes the game up when you switch between the characters in the game. Each zone also interacts differently with each of the characters and you will find enjoyment in them all.

The Green Hill Zone

This is the first zone of the game and the impressive sound effects replicates the very first Sega Sonic Mania release. There are however new music tracks and an abundance of interactive characters. The new spread animations personalize the game to some degree and it could be hazardous appreciating this as you might die in the game!

There are a number of 12 zones, each sporting obstacles and new rewards. As you pass each zone, the difficulty increases, giving fans everything they have ever hoped for.

This little hedgehog has got spunk and fans know how reliable he is. If you are looking for another Sega creation to add to your list of great games, be sure you take a spin and enjoy the recent updates for a new and improved Sonic Mania Plus.
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Is There Space for Sonic in Today's eSports Scene?
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The Sonic the Hedgehog series has been around for several decades - the eponymous blue character has been reminding us that he has "gotta go fast" since 1991, with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive. With platforming sequels, Sega made Sonic one of the most famous video game characters, right next to Mario, Donkey Kong and Link, says TIME.

However, Sega has had difficulty in keeping Sonic popular in the 21st century. A shift to online multiplayer gameplay as well as highly competitive games and eSports have left people wondering if there is room for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic Isn't Like Most Popular eSports Games

The big reason why Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't quite fit in the eSports scene is that it isn't like most popular eSports games. The biggest titles in eSports, looking at the availability of eSports betting odds on Betway, are games like League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota 2. The games eSports fans enjoy watching and betting on are ones with large casts of characters and with players having to master the abilities of those characters to win. These games are also played in teams, while Sonic is mostly a single-player franchise.

Games that are popular in eSports are also updated regularly. League of Legends was released in 2009 but with updates, as developer Riot Games has added new characters, new skins, and new items for players to use when they're out on the Rift. Overwatch has also added new maps, and Rainbow Six Siege has added new operators in 2019. Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog DLC in 2017 but it isn't so important to the franchise and that means that if the games were an eSports, they wouldn't be able to offer viewers much variety.

Does Sonic Have Any eSports Strengths?

Sonic the Hedgehog does have some strengths as an eSport, however. Sega's level design is brilliant and fans love stages such as the Sky Chase Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the Emerald Hill zone with its tropical fauna and flora, its sloping hills and its dangerous spikes. The many maps of games like Overwatch have helped that game become a success as players discuss the best strategy for a level, and enjoy watching eSports players explore the stages.

Sonic also has a competitive scene. It may not be eSports, but Sonic the Hedgehog players do often try to beat each other and set new records. An article by Mashable explains that there is a large Sonic the Hedgehog speedrunning scene as players compete to try and beat a level in the quickest time. Thousands watch these speedrunners on Twitch and at tournaments. This confirms that fans do enjoy watching competitive Sonic, but on a much smaller scale than most major eSports tournaments.

Could Sega Turn Make Other Sonic Games Successful eSports?

If Sega was to turn the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise into a successful eSports, then it probably wouldn't do that with the Sonic platforming games. The games are famous and loved by millions of people, but they aren't great for eSports. Most are single player and for speedrunning events, where competitors may use the same techniques to get through a level quicker, that may not be entertaining for viewers on an eSports stage.

There are several Sonic the Hedgehog games that aren't platformers, though, and these may be good for eSports. The BBC says that Sega is developing four games that take Sonic the Hedgehog to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and this competition would make for an entertaining eSports league. There's also the Sonic Mania racing game which stars Sonic and friends like Tails and Knuckles. People enjoy watching and betting on races, such as horse racing and Formula One, so there may be room for a Sonic eSports league too.

Sega hasn't made any announcements about if or how it plans to get Sonic the Hedgehog into the eSports scene. However, if it did, it could help the series to make a name in the 21st century and potentially find a new audience of competitive gamers and eSports viewers.
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