Sonic Colours Announced!
Wednesday, 26th May 2010, 4:09pm (UTC), 1 Comment
Sega announce today, completely without warning (normally this sort of thing is preempted by a leak or a sneak around on the patents website to at least reveal the name - maybe everyone's been so involved with Sonic 4 they forget to check!) that they are looking to introduce a new, more secondary title! A completely new one at that, though to me has a slight whiff of the Sonic Rush about it, which is no bad thing! Scoop.

Obviously, there's not much to go on yet. It's a 3D/2D game for the Wii and DS only (Sonic Unleashed-ish for the Wii, I guess, but I'm suspecting it to be more Sonic Rush-like on the DS. It doesn't specify clearly though) that uses these "wisp" alien creatures (wasn't that a Sonic 2 badnik..?) for various unique effects and twists. They emphasise a lot of speed in this press release, and I'm suspecting this to be more boost-based speed rather than Sonic 4's momentum-based speed. I'm fine with that, I like the hectic pace of Rush and Unleashed, and I was hoping it would still continue to exist in some form. And even if you're against it, you can't complain too much, as you're still getting a much more traditional experience with Sonic 4. Keeping it to the Wii and DS suggests it'll take a lot of advantage of their various gesture-based controls and whatnot. Something I'm growing a bit tired of on the Wii if I'm honest, but given the vast difference in Wii and DS hardware, this should almost be like two new Sonic games in one go!

I do really like the visual style to the teaser trailer and the environment it presents, and the general story idea too. Placing it on a nearby small planet is very shades of Sonic CD (something deliberate, perhaps?) for starters, plus it opens the door for a lot of interesting new environments to play in, like this open, alien forest that I would assume to be the first level. All hinges on these new wisp-based twists though. I'm intrigued.

Sonic and Tails teaming up again is a nice choice though. Lets see some screens Sega!
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#1. Comment posted by SpeedingHedgehog on Thursday, 27th May 2010, 11:11pm
I was somewhat pleased until I heard about point-and-click elements and the possibility of educational content.
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